Alberta Devor


Academic & personal projects that I'm proud of. Projects are mostly software but there's also some design and hardware in the mix!

Two Sided News


1st Place winner of Social Impact Award, Hack@Brown 2017

Developed web app and chrome extension to display an opposing view of a user selected news article with Bootstrap and Javascript.

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Uses an algorithm to personalize course recommendations for Brown students.

Worked with Spark, React JS, Java, and SQL to design a responsive and interactive user experience.

Created with a team for final project in Spring 2017 Software Engineering course (CS32).

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Analyzes Google Maps location history of two users and projects overlaps onto a physical table.

Worked with Javascript, jQuery, Leaflet.js, Firebase, Google Locations API, and Rasberry Pi.

Created with a team for final project in Fall 2016 "Designing Humanity Centered Robots" Course (CS1951C).

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Poket Watch: Image Recognition


This DragonHacks 2018 submission utilizes deep learning to help the visually impaired identify their surroundings.

Worked with React Native, Python, Microsoft Cognitive Services API, Tensorflow.

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